Company History

Geo-Expert - 44 years of mineral and fossil trading

In 1977 Michael Vogt built up his mineral and fossil trade while studying geosciences. The focus of work was: trading in fossils and minerals, preparation and rock processing. During these years Michael Vogt traveled extensively in North Africa, especially Egypt and Morocco, and over the years imported huge amounts of fossils and minerals. With the background knowledge acquired during his studies, he also carried out research and excavations in many places.


Further trips led to Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland etc. He tried to get special features again and again. These were special trilobites and sea lilies from Morocco at the time, some of which are particularly beautiful specimens on display in museums such as Senkenberg / Frankfurt and Göttingen. Michael Vogt frequently published articles in the journals Lapis und Fossilien. The minerals and fossils were sold at trade fairs at home and abroad as far as Tucson / USA, especially wholesaling.

For many years the Geo-Expert company was based on a farm in Sehnde-Evern near Hanover. Here mainly fossils were prepared and minerals processed into tumbled stones, pendants and gemstones as well as mineralogical and palaeontological collectibles. Some customers will still remember a large hall where machines were running, water rushed and dust hung in the air.

During this time, Geo-Expert was able to bring some real rarities onto the market such as B. the hydrogrossular from South Africa and the star garnet from Brazil. Various gemstones and minerals came to us from Africa, such as B. Kunzite, Morganite and especially very excellent black tourmalines.

In 2007 the Geo-Expert company moved to its current location in Isernhagen near Hanover. Here we were able to create a spacious ambience and present our range in an appropriate setting. The sale to our wholesale customers takes place twice a year through in-house exhibitions as well as by appointment and through shipping.


After several exhausting trips to Honduras, we have established good contacts and are now offering very beautiful opals from there. Research on trips abroad and interesting finds such as B. Peridot and Garnet Pyroxenite from Norway.

Inspired by the great demand in recent years for stones for use in stone healing, Michael Vogt tried to make a possible effect of stones on the human body visible. This has become possible with a biofeedback procedure and is often and gladly used. Excursions are also planned for this year in order to gain new interesting minerals and fossils.